About Hkinsoft
HKinsoft is a full website design and internet marketing solutions provider powered by Hong Kong Inventory Ltd. HKinSoft is professionally managed with experience of developing and improving new and existing customers’ websites. Over the past few years, we have built an outstanding reputation in the field of designing professional websites, providing Virtual Server hosting, web consulting services, and meeting the growing needs of our customers while offering affordable prices.

Our designers and engineers are from varying backgrounds who are dedicated and passionate about the services we offer to our customers. Our combined expertise and knowledge means that you can rely on us to ensure that your project is completed to the highest of industry standards. All of our design works are tailor-made, which means that we are able to create a website design that represents your business in the most effective way.

Using the latest software and design techniques, we can create functional websites that not only capture the essence of a company, but are fully functional to the needs and requirements of each individual customer. Whatever your Internet business plans are today, we can provide a solution to take you to the next level faster and more affordable than you might think.
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Our advantages
Fast and flexible website construction in 15 days
We have already developed functional templates for your selection, you might simply provide us your product photo and text and we will have your website ready in 15 days.

Easy-to-use website tools
Websites that update regularly get the most attention. With its easy-to-use tools, our website design allows you to manage your own website content. We provide you powerful but easy-to-use tools to post offer, update inventory, create order, negotiate online and much more.

Comprehensive technical support
We provide comprehensive back up service, technical support and troubleshooting to our customers.

Have a professional design a website for you
HKinsoft.com consultants adept at helping walk you through what you want in an electronic components corporate website, and then having the site you need built for you.

Have uniqueness design
Although we have different templates for you to choose from, we also offer personalized design to further enhance the uniqueness.

Load faster and smoother
We keep your code simple and streamlined. If your code is simplified, the website is easier to load. Faster loading and faster responding websites improve user experience.

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